Spring Equinox 2017

it seems the sun slid under the creek ice
mingled with autumn's golden grass and turned the the water shades of apricot gold

yesterday the creek was running water
deep freeze last night
created sacred geometry on the surface

water flowing at the top (of this photo)
 mingling with fingers of ice 

a smaller creek
the expression of ice is so different

bubbles rise from the muddy depths
are frozen in time
for a few hours

it really is lovely to wander the waters edge
a magical realm of
ice and water offering unique formations

Happy Spring to you
Happy Autumn to the rest of you



Winter becomes Spring

though most our days are cloudy
around sunset
the sun often lights up our world

rain instead of snow
these days

snow is thawing
my creek and ponds (still frozen)
rise and overflow their banks

I stepped outside
 a skunk wandering by
happy and cautious was I

last night it got down to 19F
creek and ponds
froze over
creating their temporary 
sacred geometry
I believe that  winter has bowed out to spring



March, Winter

snow has fallen most days
or nights
often only an inch

last night we got 6 inches
at this time of year
I always wonder if it is our last sincere snowfall

I see dark eyed Juncos daily

true to their name
it is hard to see their eyes

often around sunset
the sun touches our world
with passion

the world is hushed under the blanket of snow
but for the birds
this pileated woodpecker
drums on the trees
and fills the sky




it seems early for the bears to be out of hibernation

but these certainly woke up and took a walk

I am thinking two different bears

They might have gone back to the den....

what do you think
black bear or grizzly?


Winter Morning

within the breath of winters frigid air
ice crystals grew among the lichens hairs

spruce needles adorned 
in icy charm

as the morning sun lit up the clouds
they circled like a crown at the tips of forest trees

bits of snow
sat like tiny icebergs
casting long shadows 

domes of snow
showing the beauty
 the grace of lines

looking up from the tiny world
grand view