Celebrating our Earth

we call them Yellow Bells
they grow in prairie land

I live in the forest and mountains
so it is always a journey to see them

some have red rings around them
some do not

on my way to look for flowers
I stopped in a forest
and found this beautiful rock
I am told that copper makes these color

I have been exploring the tiny world of lichen and moss
often raindrops are involved

I noticed that teeny tiny moss had little egg shaped capsules
a new sighting:

a closer glimpse:

our amazing planet
endless intriguing life to explore
learn from

Happy Earth Day!



Pasque flower

drove an hour north
nearly to Canada
to find 
some of the first spring flowers

in years past I drove over the Rocky Mountains
to be in their presence
(a longer, yet beautiful drive)

imagine the delight to see the Pasque flower
lightly scattered over the prairie like land

bathing in sunlight

 being pollinated by fury bees

rising from the earth
after a long winters sleep

the joy of flowers 
has touched the land





here in the NW corner of Montana
flowers are not blooming

but some lichen are looking magical!

these sticks are about 1/4 inch think
my eyes can not see these amazing details
they look more like yellow and green fuzz to me

the earthy sage greens
golds are thrilling

cup like saucers intriguing

wood with algae, lichen and perhaps the large leaves are liverworts?

 two hours south of here
I did see my first wildflowers of the year!
 jagged chickweed

our meadows 
are lakes at the moment
abundant with water birds

is a magical time in the little details

if you know what any of the lichen or liverwort are
I would love for you to tell me. 
So much to learn!


Spring Equinox 2017

it seems the sun slid under the creek ice
mingled with autumn's golden grass and turned the the water shades of apricot gold

yesterday the creek was running water
deep freeze last night
created sacred geometry on the surface

water flowing at the top (of this photo)
 mingling with fingers of ice 

a smaller creek
the expression of ice is so different

bubbles rise from the muddy depths
are frozen in time
for a few hours

it really is lovely to wander the waters edge
a magical realm of
ice and water offering unique formations

Happy Spring to you
Happy Autumn to the rest of you



Winter becomes Spring

though most our days are cloudy
around sunset
the sun often lights up our world

rain instead of snow
these days

snow is thawing
my creek and ponds (still frozen)
rise and overflow their banks

I stepped outside
 a skunk wandering by
happy and cautious was I

last night it got down to 19F
creek and ponds
froze over
creating their temporary 
sacred geometry
I believe that  winter has bowed out to spring